Green Girl – Fawn Brindle – No Longer Available

Sorry folks – Green Girl is no longer available. She’s found her forever home.

Green Girl Posing on Log
Green Girl Surveying the Back Yard

Green girl is a great all-around dog.  She’s confident, smart and highly food motivated, making her a great candidate for obedience and/or rally.  She has beautiful structure, so she has potential in the show ring.   Her stable temperament would make her a great therapy dog. She great with other dogs, but prefers people unless there’s playing to be done.  Her favorite time is running and chasing after her siblings or even a ball.  She shows a keen intelligence when outsmarting her sibs to get the choice treat or the best toy. Very affectionate, she enjoys a good cuddle after playtime.

Green Girl Playing
Gotta Shake that Ball
Green Girl Standing Around
Hanging out in the Back Yard







Green Girl scored mostly 4′s on the Puppy Aptitude test, demonstrating her gentle, affection nature and her desire for family leadership.

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