Available – Pink Girl – Fawn Brindle – No Longer Available

Pink Girl with Log
I Think I Look Great in this Picture

Pink Girl is sometimes more like a cat than a Mastiff.  She starts off a little aloof or even shy, but once she warms up, she’s very affectionate.   While she’s smart and laid-back, Pink Girl is also has a playful side that’s guaranteed to make you laugh.  We’ve been working on building her confidence and she’s come a long way since her Puppy Aptitude Test.  She’d do okay in a multi-dog household, but will really blossom as a single dog and the center of some one’s world.  With love and gentle training, she has the potential to do just about anything.

Stripe & Pink
Pink Girl & Stripe Boy Watching Something Intently
Pink Girl Sitting at Attention
You Will Be the Center of My World










Pink Girl scored mostly 5’s and 6’s during the Puppy Aptitude Test, but with love and patience, she’ll be able to reach her full potential.

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