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Pinky – BOB – NEIKC Puppy Match

On Saturday, we took Billy to his new home in Indiana.  We’re really excited because he’s going to be a show dog and he’s close enough that we’ll see him on the show circuit.  As long as we were in the neighborhood, I figured that we should enter some of the puppies in the Northern Indiana Kennel Club puppy match.  Abe, Eva, and Pinky were entered – ZsaZsa sat this one out because we had three girls and only two handlers.

Since everything happened so quickly and I hadn’t planned on entering the match, the puppies had no clue what was expected of them.  I grabbed the smallest show collars, but even those ended up being too big.

Brandon took Abe in the ring and had to push him around the ring.  Abe had no desire to walk on leash.  He then took in Pinky while I took in Eva.  The girls caught on pretty fast.  Pinky beat Eva in the 3 month puppy class.  Brandon took Abe back in and I took in Pinky for breed.  We were delighted when Pinky to Best of Breed over her brother and two other, older puppies.

Because only one of us had to be in the ring, Brandon was able to get a video of Pinky & I in the group ring.