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How could we not keep this beauty for ourselves????  You can see how she’s grown up on ZsaZsa’s page.

ZsaZsa aka Purple Girl
Required Profile Picture

I’m a young, independent, intelligent lady with a lovely mask, deep apricot coat and soulful dark brown eyes.  I’m Futurity/Maturity Nominated for the MCOA National Specialty in 2011.  While I think I’d do great in the conformation ring, I’ll be just fine as long as I’m treated like a celebrity.  I’m a star just waiting for my chance to shine!

Glamour Stack
My Glamour Shot – Showing Off My Conformation

I tend to be independent and confident.  I love solving puzzles, like how to escape the puppy pen and get back in when Momma Lizzie showed up.  I was Puppy Aptitude Tested, so you can judge for yourself.

While I might be reserved, I still enjoy a good cuddle and can be really affectionate.  I’m more serious than my siblings because I know just how wonderful I am. I can also be quiet mischievous and enjoy a good joke as much as the next puppy.

Walking Away
You’re Watching Me Walk Away – Aren’t You

I’m looking for a forever home where I can be the center of the universe as I deserve.  I may be willing to share the spotlight with another dog or two, but it is quite crowded here.  I do get along great with all the dogs here; I just don’t want to be one in the crowd.

Puppy Girls on the Couch
I Can’t Get a Good Seat on the Crowded Couch

With lavish adoration, I will love you with all my heart and will be your shining star.






Billy went to his new home on Saturday, November 6, 2010.  Keep an eye out for him in the show ring in 2011!

Billy Blue Boy Profile Picture
Requisite Horrible Profile Picture

Ok, so I’m too young for me to get health tests, but my parents were tested as were their parents, and their parents’ parents, etc…  But, I am a young, energetic, smart guy with great bone, a nice mask, rich apricot coat, and dark brown eyes.  I’m Futurity/Maturity Nominated for the MCOA National Specialty in 2011.

Billy Stacked
Showing Off My Stack

A quick and eager learner, I’d be great in both obedience and rally, though I might get too big for agility. I was Puppy Aptitude Tested, so you can judge for yourself.

I’m a real people puppy and like nothing better than a good cuddle on the couch.  I also love the outdoors and love to act silly.

Silly Billy
Here I Come A Runnin'

I’m hoping for a forever home where I can put my good looks and big brains to good use.   I don’t care if you’re male or female, single or committed, with or without kids.  (Though, I do love kids!)  I’d just like to be somewhere I can get tons of love and attention.   I get a long great with all my siblings & the rest of my family, though Great Uncle Bruce isn’t too thrilled with having another boy around.  (He doesn’t think that I treat him with enough respect, unlike Abe who just avoids him as much as possible.)  I love being here, but I’d rather be in a home with fewer dogs where I can get more attention.

No Room On the Couch
See - The Couch is Too Croweded - All I Got Was a Tiny Bit of Lap

I promise to cuddle close and give you sweet kisses if you promise to love me forever.

Billy On Lap
See How Sweet & Cuddly I Am?

Still Trying to Catch-Up

I know I promised more frequent posts with information on the puppies’ development, but it has been hard to find time.  The puppies aren’t taking up as much time, but it is hard to tear myself away from them long enough to research and write a decent post.  Here’s my evidence: Do you blame me… Continue Reading

Catching Up & Puppies

I’m sorry to have left you all hanging – I had no idea how much work these puppies were going require.  For those who want the quick news: Lizzie had the puppies by emergency c-section on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  There are 5 girls and 2 boys.  Everybody is doing well. Now for the long… Continue Reading