First Test

It only took two phone calls to find a local vet who will do the progesterone testing.  I’m really excited because the office has five vets on staff and have done pregnancy “support”.  So, while not reproductive vets, they can do the testing and the ultrasound and x-rays.  As much as I love our reproductive vet, I’m glad not to have drive over an hour for simple tests. 🙂

So, the first blood draw was this evening and we should have results in the morning.

For those readers who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick summary:

The progesterone levels will tell us when Lizzie ovulates and the best time to breed.  Tonight’s test is just a baseline the first serious test will be on Saturday – the sixth day of her cycle.  Progesterone rises in a sharp spike, so we’ll test every couple of days until she hits 2.0, then every day until she goes above 5.0 to mark the day of ovulation.  She’ll be bred two days after she ovulates to give the best chance at conception.   This link has more information if you’re interested.

Bruce and Morganna Aren't Interested
Bruce and Morganna Aren’t Interested

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