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Progesterone Test Results – #3

Lizzie’s progesterone level is at 5.1!  That means she’ll be going in for her breeding on Friday or Saturday. I’m so excited that I’m bouncing in my seat.  Dr. Sheller will everything up for us so all we have to do is keep Bruce away from Lizzie and make sure the puppy daddy will be available.

We are extremely excited about the breeding and believe that the puppies will be of excellent breed type, health and temperament. Both the Puppy Daddy and Lizzie  have been completely health tested prior to breeding and their DNA profiles are on record.

Bet you want to know who the puppy daddy will be…  I’ll keep you in suspense no longer.

(insert drum roll here…)

Ch.  Fireside Major Commodity – Broker

Click his name to go to his web page and get all his details.  Here are a couple of pictures of my “interviewing” Broker at IKC in 2009…

Broker Being Sweet
I’m Really Sweet
Broker - Pick Me
How Can You NOT Love Me?