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Puppies Are Here!

We are very excited to announce that ZsaZsa gave birth on 12/15/2013 to 4 boys and 7 girls.

Newborn Puppy Pile


ZsaZsa and the pups are doing well.  We’re really impressed with how naturally ZsaZsa has taken to motherhood.  There’s tons of milk and she is super tolerant of the “puppy” swarms that accost her when she enters the whelping  box.

Puppy Swarm

It’s much too early to know anything about their conformation, intelligence or temperament, however, their cuteness quotient is off the charts…

Sleeping with Momma

I’ve started an album of puppy pictures here:  ZsaZsa & Cash Puppies. Check back often, as I will be adding pictures periodically.

Thunder Sky’s Cache of Gold – Cash

I finally got my hands on some of pictures of the puppy daddy – Cash.  The pics are about a year old, but you can get a good sense of his size, movement, and head.   I’ve also added a couple from the most recent nationals where you can see him even more filled out.  This is my favorite shot, but you can seem them all here:  Cash’s Album

Cash Headshot