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Catching Up & Puppies

I’m sorry to have left you all hanging – I had no idea how much work these puppies were going require.  For those who want the quick news:

Lizzie had the puppies by emergency c-section on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  There are 5 girls and 2 boys.  Everybody is doing well.

Now for the long story:

Lizzie went into labor on Wednesday, July 21, as expected.  Using the WhelpWise service we were able to monitor her contractions throughout the day.  We expected that serious labor would begin in the early evening.  The contractions continued and finally regulated late Wednesday night.  Finally, around 8 am, a water broke and we thought that a puppy would be arriving very soon.  Lizzie, however, thought differently.  After trying various tricks and medications, we – with the help of the WhelpWise service – decided it was time for a c-section.

Lizzie Whelping
Waiting for the Puppies

We called our local vet and were in his office by 10am.  He did a quick exam and x-ray.  We were surprised to discover that Lizzie wasn’t carrying 5 puppies – there were 9 puppies in there!  Based on his advice, we tried some stronger drugs while they prepped for the c-section.  At 10:45, Lizzie was getting prepped.  Poor girl had been in labor for almost 30 hours at that point.

We were able to watch the c-section and see the puppies as they were removed.  (Sorry, no pictures – we ran out of the house too fast.)  Unfortunately, two of the puppies weren’t alive – it appears that Lizzie’s uterus couldn’t support all 9 puppies to term.  The rest of the puppies were kept in the incubator while Lizzie was cleaned up and brought out of the operating room.  Once she was settled, we were able to get the puppies to nurse, getting the all important colostrum.


Once Lizzie had woken up from the anesthesia, we brought her and the puppies home.   All the puppies were weighed and given their little yarn collars.  They ranged in size from 1 lb 9 oz down to 13.5 oz.

Here’s a who’s-who of the pups:

  • Pink – Female – Fawn
  • Orange – Male – Fawn
  • Yellow – Female – Apricot
  • White – Female – Apricot
  • Green – Female – Apricot
  • Purple – Female – Apricot
  • Blue – Male – Apricot
Puppy Pile
Puppy Pile

I’m planning on doing a couple of posts over the next few days, covering Weeks 1 through 4, when we should be all caught up and then post weekly covering the development of the puppies.

Weeks 7 & 8 Update

Sorry that I didn’t get last Friday’s post up in a timely manner. We’ve been frantically getting ready for the puppies’ arrival and had family in from out of town to help us. The puppy room is painted, the whelping box is ready for paint, there’s linoleum covering the hardwood floors and there’s shades on the windows.

But you’re not here to read about what we’re doing, you’re here for Lizzie and the puppies.  The puppies have been super busy:

Lizzie is feeling very pregnant these days and make sure we hear all her sighs and groans. Her tummy has swollen even larger and has gotten firmer. Any day now, we’ll start feeling the puppies move around – though Lizzie acts like they’re moving constantly. She also started producing milk/colostrum in abundance  – poor girl actually leaks a little at times.

Lizzie on Day 54
How Many Puppies Are In There?

As her pregnancy has progressed nicely and she’s still in shape (except for the pregnant belly), we’re going forward with a natural whelping using the Whelp Wise Service.  Our other option is to perform a cesarean section.  You can see photos and get information from here:

C-Section in an English Mastiff

The next update will probably be in seven days – a few days before the due date.  You’ll see how well we’re working with Whelp Wise and hopefully have a count of puppies.

Week 6 Update

Lizzie went for her second ultrasound on Wednesday, June 30th. She was 42 days into the pregnancy and there were 21 days left until she whelps. So were were hoping to see something that vaguely resembled this: Instead, we discovered that the puppies are too big to fit completely into the ultrasound image.   As the… Continue Reading

Week 5 Update

Even without the ultrasound from last week, it is obvious that Lizzie is pregnant.  Her nipples are getting bigger and darker in color.   She’s also starting to fill out around her belly. Inside Lizzie,  the fetuses are starting to look like tiny dogs at just over an inch in size.  They are becoming boy &… Continue Reading

Week 4 Update

This has been a really big week for Lizzie & for us.  She still looks and acts the same as always, but inside… Any embryos that successfully implanted into the uterus last week have grown from 1 cm to 3 cm.  They now resemble little tadpoles, but instead of my talking about it, go watch… Continue Reading

Week 3 Update

Week 3 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. We still don’t see any physical changes in Lizzie, but she did start getting VERY picky about her food on Tuesday. Of course, she’s being spoiled rotten and we’re finding delectable tidbits to get her to eat something. Some dogs do suffer from… Continue Reading

Good News, Bad News

Good News: Lizzie is doing well after sleeping most of Friday after we got home.  Her incision is looking good and she’s back up at full energy.  Dr. Sheller said that the sperm was great and the surgery went smoothly.    Hurray! Bad News: As I had feared, Dr. Sheller found a lot of cysts in… Continue Reading

Tomorrow’s the Big Day

I’ve spoken with the vet and we’re all set for Lizzie’s breeding tomorrow morning.  After careful consideration, we’ve decided to go with a surgical artificial insemination with fresh semen. Based upon Lizzie’s age and the fact that her dam had uterine cysts, we (the husband, the vet & I) thought our best chance for puppies… Continue Reading

Progesterone Test Results – #3

Lizzie’s progesterone level is at 5.1!  That means she’ll be going in for her breeding on Friday or Saturday. I’m so excited that I’m bouncing in my seat.  Dr. Sheller will everything up for us so all we have to do is keep Bruce away from Lizzie and make sure the puppy daddy will be… Continue Reading